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If you are struggling with treatment resistant depression or other mental health problems, ketamine infusion therapy may help. We offer compassionate care located in the heart of Florence, on the beautiful Oregon Coast.

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    Dedicated to making cutting-edge mental health treatment more accessible for our community.

    "Before 2020, mental disorders were leading causes of the global health-related burden, with depressive and anxiety disorders being leading contributors to this burden. The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic has created an environment where many determinants of poor mental health are exacerbated. The need for up-to-date information on the mental health impacts of COVID-19 in a way that informs health system responses is imperative." [Lancet, October 8, 2020]

    While a global problem, the most recent data for Lane County, Oregon shows that the rate of depression is actually higher in our county than in the rest of the state. Managing your mental health conditions can be confusing and difficult. At Frequency Healing Clinic, we offer cutting edge treatment for mental health close to home.

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