Kristen DillKristen Dill, CRNA 

Kristen started her career in healthcare in 2006 as a registered nurse in neonatal and pediatric intensive care nursing after graduating from the University of Washington School of Nursing in Seattle, WA. In 2014 she began graduate school training in anesthesia at Samuel Merritt University in Oakland, CA and became a certified registered nurse anesthetist in late 2016.  Since that time, she has provided safe and compassionate anesthesia care in a variety of settings.  Following the Covid-19 pandemic and a number of life changes and personal losses, Kristen decided to step away from the hospital setting and pursue a career focused instead on helping others heal from mental health conditions and trauma.  In addition to providing ketamine infusion therapy, she has studied with Dr. Gabor Maté and her Compassion and Life Coaching methods are informed by Dr. Maté’s technique known as Compassionate Inquiry.  Kristen also has studied the Heart Math technique for developing mind/heart coherence and is interested in polyvagal theory as another way to promote healing for trauma.     

Today, Kristen owns and operates Frequency Healing Clinic in beautiful Florence, Oregon.  Originally a Washing native, Kristen fell in love with the Oregon Coast in the early 2000s while surfing in the region.  She is a devoted mother and has a passion for learning.  She enjoys the beautiful outdoor activities offered in the region, especially hiking, trail running, and surfing.


Adam TurnmanAdam Turman, CRNA

Adam was born and raised in Alabama and is an alumni of Auburn University and University of Alabama at Birmingham. He then made his way to Washington D. C. where he completed his anesthesia training at Georgetown University. In 2018, he made a coast-to-coast move and has lived in Eugene, OR since. He is the Anesthesia Director at a local surgery center and practices at several hospitals and surgery centers in the Willamette Valley.

Adam is avid about fitness and health, both mental and physical. He is a huge proponent of a well rounded approach to healthcare and medicine that focuses on all aspects of one’s wellbeing. Adam’s favorite hobbies include rock climbing, triathlons, and exploring the beautiful PNW with his partner, Dana, delightful 4 year old daughter, and rescue pup, Summit. He is most proud of climbing Rainier in 2020 and completing an Ironman in 2022.

Adam is excited and grateful to be a part of your journey!


Ben EgbersBen Egbers, ARNP

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