• Kristin Dill and her baby
    31 October, 2023

    Ketamine for Postpartum Depression (PPD)  

    With excellent evidence that ketamine is helpful in the treatment of treatment resistant depression and other mental health conditions, it has more recently been investigated as an option for treating postpartum depression (PPD).

  • 15 September, 2023

    Huberman Lab Podcast: Ketamine Benefits & Risks

    Andrew Huberman, Ph.D., is a neuroscientist and tenured professor at Stanford School of Medicine in the department of neurobiology and by courtesy, psychiatry and behavioral sciences. In a recent episode, Dr. Huberman discussed ketamine.

  • 12 June, 2023

    What Is Normal?

    There are many labels for variations of mental functioning, some clinical, some colloquial. And there are also many clinical ways of describing constellations of symptoms, known generally as disorders...