At Frequency Healing we primarily use ketamine infusion therapy for our patients.  However, while ketamine therapy can be life changing alone, our philosophy is that for maximum positive benefit it be used in conjunction with other healing modalities.  We encourage continued relationships with pre-existing counselors and therapists, or we can help you find a provider for more traditional forms of talk therapy and medication management.  We also offer in-house Compassion Coaching, Life Coaching, and meditation consultations.  We believe in a holistic approach, so we also like to refer clients locally for healing services such as massage therapy, reiki, shamanic work, sound therapy, aromatherapy, yoga, and acupuncture as appropriate.

  • Ketamine infusion clinic

    Ketamine Infusions

    A ketamine infusion occurs at an in-office visit after an initial in-person consultation to determine if the treatment is right for you. Helpful for treatment resistant depression and other mental health conditions, it involves intravenous administration of a medication while under the careful supervision of an anesthesia provider.

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  • Sage bundle

    Compassion Coaching & Life Coaching

    “Coaching” is separate but complimentary from and to treatments like traditional psychotherapy. Generally more focused on specific wellness or life goals, coaching can be a tool in aiding in your healing journey.

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  • Lily pads

    Meditation Consultations

    There are countless studies from the last several decades that demonstrate the usefulness and healing potential of meditation. There are many styles and techniques of meditation, and they all offer different benefits, but the diversity of options can be overwhelming.

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  • Woman with headphones on

    Safe And Sound Protocol

    The SSP is an evidence-based listening therapy that involves listening to specially filtered music through headphones alongside a provider, in-person or remotely.

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